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Natural AlternativeĀ® Ice Melt - Save $8.95 with our (2) 20 lb. Carton Economy Pack

Natural AlternativeĀ® Ice Melt - Save $8.95 with our (2) 20 lb. Carton Economy Pack

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Be double-prepared for ice and snow!

Use one carton at home and the other in the car, or share one with a friend. You can't have too much ice melt when weather hits and supplies are scarce.

"No spills" takes on a new meaning with our innovative Ice Melt box.

Pick-up, carry, dispense and store Ice Melt without the mess of a bag.

  • Use the handle and save your back
  • Stack and store for space efficiency
  • Melts ice up to -16°F
  • Does not become slippery when wet
  • Covers 6,000 square feet
  • Safer for pets
  • Non-toxic to fish, aquatic life and watersheds
  • Biodegradable
  • Does not promote algae blooms in rivers, lakes, bays and wetlands
  • Does not harm lawns, vegetation, hardscapes or concrete cured a year, when used as directed
  • Leaves no greasy residue on floors

Product Details

For best results, apply before a storm begins. To melt existing snow and ice, remove as much snow as possible, and apply Natural Alternative® Ice Melt at the rate of 1 to 4 lbs. per 500 square feet, depending on amount of snow and ice present.

L. Fafard Bellingham, MA
I LOVE the ice melt I bought from Natural Alternative. I learned about it from the Paul Parent show. I would recommend it to all. I plan on calling for another bag soon. It melts the snow & ice in minutes. Most importantly, it doesn't hurt my puppy's paws. šŸ¶
11/10/2017 3:53:39 PM

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