April Lawn & Garden Checklist

April is the iconic first month of gardening. With the showers we receive this month, flowers will begin to sprout and the warm season will be upon us. The things you do in your garden in April will set the pace for what happens the rest of the year. Make sure to get your gardening off to a great start with this April lawn and garden checklist.


  • Re-seed bare lawn areas.
  • Fertilize your lawn with an organic lawn fertilizer.
  • If you aren’t re-seeding your lawn, a pre-emergent weed control can be applied to reduce the presence of annual weeds in your lawn.
  • If grubs and other soil-dwelling pests are present and problematic, begin control program.
  • Rake the lawn to increase air circulation, remove leftover debris and loosen up thatch.

Spraying House Plants With WaterIndoor

  • Continue to transplant houseplants which have outgrown their pots.
  • Help indoor plants breathe by washing off built up dust.
  • Feed houseplants an organic plant food.

Tree & Shrub

  • Trees and shrubs can still be planted throughout April as many will still be dormant.
  • Prune any non-spring flowering plants in your yard. If you aren’t sure what to prune, call a professional.
  • Continue the removal of diseased, weak, or crossing branches.

Head of LettuceVegetable & Fruit

  • Zones 7 and 8 should be seeing their last frost dates this month or early next month. This means many vegetables are ready to be planted outdoors.
  • Plant cold hardy vegetables such as onions, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, peas, broccoli, and spinach outside.
  • Begin sowing summer crops indoors.
  • Plant fruit trees or bushes.

Flower & Bulb

  • Cool season annuals which can tolerate a light frost can be planted this month.
  • Fertilize spring-flowering bulbs.
  • Consider planting mosquito repellant plants this year. Here’s a pre-made mosquito repellant garden plan for you to use.
  • Once Easter has passed, plant any bulbs you forced in March. Here’s a video on how to plant your spring bulbs.
  • Once the ground has thawed, divide and re-plant perennials such as bee balm, hostas, black eyed-susans, asters, and phlox.

Compost PileMaintenance & Other

  • Continue to remove debris from lawn and garden areas. If debris is compostable, break it into small pieces as best you can and add it to your compost pile.
  • Keep an eye out for pests which will start to make a return in your lawn and garden this month. Control pests when and where necessary.
  • Freshen up mulch beds.
  • Give your lawn and garden equipment a tune-up (if you haven’t already).
  • Aeration is best performed during a lawn’s peak growing season. For cool season grasses, this means aeration is best done in the fall, but it can be repeated in early spring if need-be.
  • Perform a soil test in both your lawn and your garden to get a good idea of what types of nutrients are needed for the year.
  • Top dress your garden with the compost from your compost pile.
  • Plan, organize, or attend a local seed and sprout exchange to add more variety to your garden.

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Clippings from our customers

Winter is closing in fast in New Hampshire. That's ok with me, as I can't wait to go ice fishing. Hard to stay ahead of all the oak leaves coming down. The lawn looks great after the lime and the September and October applications. Can't wait to see how it looks next year. Check Out His Video

Bill J. – Bedford, NH

PROTILIZER is a great product. I first heard about it on the Paul Parent radio program. I tell everyone about it. Thanks!

Brad P, – Beverly MA

Best fertilizer I have used.

J Burnett – Lowell, MA

Lawn looks amazing

L.R. – Ashburnham, MA

We used this ice melt all winter on some difficult steps and a walk way that always ices up. I would give this product a ten star if I could.

Wayne G – Manchester, NH

I live where the soil is already high in phosphorus (the middle number) and it’s hard to find any with none locally. I buy one of these (Fall Fertilizer Application 4) each season and they are well worth the cost. My neighbors all say my yard is looking much better than under the prior homeowner.

Stacie W. – Fort Worth, TX

…The only thing better than your products are the people behind them. You [all] are the best!!

Steve D. – Merrimack, NH

We will continue to use [Protilizer & 5-5-5] with great enthusiasm. We swept the Court of Honor in every rose show where we exhibited, including the National Rose Show.

John & Cherylynn Smith, National Rose Association First Place Winner – Westminster, MD

We grow 200 varieties of hot peppers and 150 heirloom tomatoes. We used Protilizer and saw no phytophthora root disease; our crop yields were higher; we had better root development; and the plants just looked healthier than they have in years. The fact that Protilizer is organic and OMRI listed is a bonus. Thank you for your help and support throughout my trials.

James Weaver, Meadow View Farms – Kutztown, PA

I will continue to be a loyal supporter of Natural Alternative products. Your bacteria based products are unmatched in the industry.

Darryl Schultz, Bud Shultz Garden Center – Dunmore, PA

I am a vegetable and annual grower. I recently started using your Protilizer Seed & Plant Starter on my annual nursery stock. The results exceeded my expectations. My Impatiens, Petunias, Marigolds were healthy and disease free. The root development was the best I have ever seen. This year I am also trying it in my strawberry fields.

John Stoltzfus, Brandywine Produce – Honey Brook, PA

We are pleased with the results we’re getting with Protilizer on our pansy crop. We did not have any stem disease for the first time in years. Please send me another 6 jugs. We need it for our poinsettias.

Kenneth Miller, Milmont Greenhouses – Waynesboro, VA

As a grower/retailer we use Natural Alternative Protilizer and 5-5-5 plant food in our growing operations to maintain top quality plants in our retail stores. We have reduced our use of fungicides for root diseases to almost zero. During the hot summer months, our customers remark that our plants look so healthy for the middle of summer.

Jim Glick, Ken’s Gardens – Lancaster County, PA

Thank you all for your help and recommendations. I appreciate the time you spent on the phone with me to work toward a solution for my lawn. You have been a tremendous help. What terrific customer service!

J. Jackson – Columbus, Ohio

Again, I want to thank you for the awesome service you have given us this season. I very much appreciate it.

Lee Roeder, Strosniders – Bethesda, MD

The ice melt worked great! We already put some down for the storm that missed us last week, and yesterday morning when I checked the area it was covered with sleet with the exception of the areas we treated with the ice melt. [Thanks for] your quality service and the great product you provide.

Andrew C. Lee, Capitol Hill Business Improvement District – Washington, DC

We love the [Natural Alternative Ice Melt] product and have for years. We will keep pushing it!

Craig S. Co-Owner – Twins Ace Hardware, Fairfax, VA 22030

I just wanted to thank you for the great products that Natural Alternatives produces. I did cut my lawn last Saturday and got all the leaves up and early Sunday morning applied the last Winter Fertilizer. I have been so pleased with your products for the lawn and for my flower beds and tomato plants. My lawn looks like green velvet. I have two dogs and am very careful as to what products I apply to my lawn and gardens. Thank you also for the "computer reminders" that you send out. They are very helpful.

Peggy S. – Laconia, NH

Thank you and your staff SO MUCH for getting us an order of ice melt today. You've made not only our customers, but staff (who is always eager to please), very happy! It's that kind of service and attention that will have us coming back to you!

Robbie Kaplan, Ace Hardware – Washington, DC

The best stuff! I use it all the time. I used it on 15 wint o'green arborvitaes, recommended by Paul Parent. They all are thriving and huge; 4 feet to 15 feet in three years.

Tammy Schwab

We [used your] ice melt today and it worked much better than what we were using before.

Thomas Beaver, General Growth Properties – Columbia, MD