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About Us

Natural Alternative® has deep roots in the organic lawn care business.

Our parent company, NaturaLawn of America, has been breaking new ground in the industry since 1986, when founder Phil Catron made it his mission to raise the bar for safety standards from the first lawn he serviced. Many declared his venture would not succeed. They said this organic, natural, "green thing" would be a passing fancy, believing chemicals were necessary for beautiful, pest-free and weed-free lawns.

Phil stuck to his core belief that family safety was first and the natural and organic approach was not only here to stay…but the right thing to do.

When the government banned certain pesticides, NaturaLawn of America had already surpassed their guidelines by implementing our own Integrated Pest Management practices years prior. And years ahead of other states passing zero-phosphorus laws, we developed Nature's Lawn® zero-phosphorus programs and materials to protect our waterways.

Today, NaturaLawn of America is The Leader in Organic-Based Lawn Care® with a reputation for being ahead of our time in environmentally friendly lawn care practices.

But our story doesn’t end there. Having pioneered the first-ever zero-phosphorus lawn care program, we knew it was time to offer our products directly to homeowners. We proudly launched NaturaLawn® of America’s retail brand, Natural Alternative®.

As a homeowner choosing to "do it yourself," Natural Alternative® products will give your lawn enviable curb appeal without the unnecessary chemicals that cause concern. Our products work with nature, not against it—providing you with a healthier, greener lawn.

On behalf of the Natural Alternative® family, we wish you, your family and pets good health and peace of mind for years to come.