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Cat-Friendly Container Garden

When choosing what to plant in your garden it’s important to consider who might be frequenting that area. If you have a cat who likes to join on your gardening adventures, why not plant a garden specifically for them?

This cat-friendly garden plan is packed full of plants which are safe and beneficial for your cat. We’ve included edibles such as catgrass, pumpkins, and green beans and flowers such as calendula (pot) marigolds, sunflowers, asters, and tricolor violas which are safe for cats. We’ve also included the catnip herb, if you’re not in favor of planting this herb it can be substituted out with another herb such as mint, rosemary, or oregano.

Be sure to include some climbing areas or scratching posts to appease your cat’s innate urge to climb and claw. In our plant-a-gram the “outdoor pillow” is an elevated tower and the “tree stump” can be swapped out for similar outdoor furniture features like a scratching post or tunnel.

Cat Friendly Garden