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Cyclamen: A Pointsetta Alternative

The cyclamen is a charming, indoor flowering plant that makes a great alternative to the poinsettia. Its heart-shaped leaves with slivers of silver and its crayon-colored blooms put on a spectacular show from winter through spring.

Potted in a rustic basket with a bright red ribbon, the cyclamen says, Merry Christmas. And because it keeps blooming, it doesn’t look out of place like the poinsettia when the season is over.

A Color for Every Décor

There’s a flower color for everyone’s unique taste and décor. Pink works with a Victorian Christmas motif; white in a sterling silver container says sophistication, and mixed with hues of blue it’s flawless for Hanukkah. Classic red, of course, coupled with holly or winter berry is perfect for the traditionalist. Cyclamen pair beautifully with the amaryllis and with fresh greens, ferns and Christmas cacti.

Caring for Cyclamen

Unlike the poinsettia, cyclamen are a hardy species, and temperature changes don’t phase them. Ideally, they thrive and continue flowering in temperatures between 68° - 72°F. As flowers fade, remove them from the stalk where they attach to the base of the plant. Keep them moist, and place them in filtered sunlight.

These plants love good air circulation, so if you live in one of those lovely “drafty old houses” this is the perfect plant for you. Feed them monthly with one tablespoon of Natural Alternative® 5-5-5 Organic All-Purpose Plant Food.

In the spring, set them outside in the shade. Continue to water them throughout the summer, but don’t feed them. Allow them to go dormant. In the fall, bring them inside before the first hard frost for another holiday season.

Remember, not all plants are pet-compatible. Poinsettias, cyclamen and amaryllis are among those plants listed as NOT PET FRIENDLY to dogs or cats. If your pet ingests a toxic plant, contact your local veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.

Cyclamen Pink
Cyclamen White