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Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Succulents and rock gardens aren’t the only gardening options for dry climates.

Succulents and rock gardens aren’t the only gardening options for dry climates. There are numerous plant varieties available which are resistant to dry-spells.

When planning a garden, look to local resources for native species that will thrive in your area. Each state has its own list (and it’s quite extensive). Check out one of the following websites to find native plants to suit your style:

In addition to using native plants for a drought tolerant garden, here are a few recommended drought-tolerant perennials:

  1. Bearded Iris – Takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow which would explain the variety of colors available.
  2. Blanket Flower – Has a beautiful flower with summer and fall blooms. It’s a great drought tolerant and deer resistant groundcover for any garden.
  3. Butterfly Weed – This flower is the life-blood of the monarch butterfly. Plant in the back of your drought tolerant garden, to welcome a massive population of butterflies and to add an attractive splash of color.
  4. Honeysuckle Vine – Great for an area needing a little extra height. The fragrant honeysuckle flower will grow up any trellis or fence.
  5. Hosta – An excellent option for a shaded area in your landscape. Hostas not only provides a tall trumpet-like flower, but its foliage demands a viewer’s attention as well.
  6. Lavender – Provides an aromatic experience in the garden with a lovely blue flower and silver-grey foliage. Lavender also repels insects and deer with its essential oils.
  7. Creeping Phlox – Easy to maintain, and a gorgeous ground cover. Creeping Phlox spreads and fills in exposed areas with vibrant, resilient flowers.
  8. Sage – Like lavender, sage is naturally un-appealing to most pests due to its essential oils. This plant is also a great cooking herb with beautiful foliage and flowers.
  9. Purple Coneflower – A great way to attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden. These tall flowers are low maintenance and provide blooms ideal for cut flower arrangements.
  10. Sedum – A vibrant ground cover which spreads with vigor. This plant is not only famous for the color of its foliage, but its ability to stand up to almost everything.

Water is a precious resource and if we use drought tolerant and native plants in our yard-scapes, we put less demand on the need for irrigation. Not to mention, it’s less labor intensive.

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Bearded Iris
Purple Coneflower