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Protilizer® For Your Christmas Tree

Protilizer for your Christmas Tree

Protilizer® can help your fresh-cut Christmas tree last longer indoors

Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator is a 100% organic plant growth activator that fosters holistic plant health and can help your Christmas tree last longer indoors.  Adding Protilizer® to your live tree’s water will help reduce your tree from dropping needles too early.  It will also help extend the life of your cut tree and fight off early browning so your tree can bring you joy longer.

It’s important to add the Protilizer® to your water, and to make sure your cut tree always has water.  Allowing fresh trees to go without water will quicken the drying process of the tree and reduce the amount of time you get to enjoy it.  Whether you get your tree from a tree farm, nursery or even the boy scouts, make sure the cut is fresh.  We recommend soaking the tree in a bucket of water with Protilizer® to get those microbes up into the tree.  It will help to reduce the shock the tree goes through when bringing it inside.  It is recommended to keep the fresh cut tree in your garage for a day, if possible, to help acclimate to the indoor temperatures.

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Mix one tbsp or one scoop of Protilizer® to 1 gallon of water.*
  2. Add mixture to your Christmas tree stand.
  3. Repeat each time you refill the water.
    *You can cut this mixture in half for smaller trees.

 With Protilizer® you’ll have:

  • Fewer falling needles
  • A healthier, longer-lasting tree
  • Fewer drooping branches
  • A great food source for your tree

Protilizer® doesn’t stop at helping just your trees during this holiday season, add Protilizer® to your poinsettias as well, to extend the life span of this plant.  If you’re gifting a Poinsettia, think about giving Protilizer® as a gift with it so they can enjoy it longer.

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Protilizer for your Christmas Tree