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Is Trichoderma Growing on My Soil?

After consistently applying Natural Alternative® Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator or 5-5-5 All-Purpose Plant Food with Protilizer®, you may notice a visible white growth on the surface of your potting or garden soil. This growth is called Trichoderma and is an indication your soil is healthy and providing a robust defense environment for your plants.

Natural Alternative® products containing Protilizer® introduce organic beneficial microbes into soil, which surround the root system of plants with helpful rhizobacteria and positive fungi to promote health and growth.

What is Trichoderma?

Trichoderma is a beneficial fungi which engages in a symbiotic relationship with plants. Introducing these helpful organics into the soil and root system helps prevent damage and disease that can occur from pathogens and harmful bacteria or fungi.

How Does Trichoderma Help My Plants?

By establishing friendly organisms within the rhizosphere (the area surrounding plant roots), less opportunity is available for dangerous organisms to wreak havoc. Trichoderma assists in water and nutrient absorption of plants, leading to a larger and healthier root system which can translate to further growth above the soil.

How Does Trichoderma Grow?

Typically, Trichoderma remains below the surface of the soil. However, when healthy conditions allow, it may appear on the surface in patches or thin films. If you find the growth unsightly, simply mix the soil to incorporate and break up the visible Trichoderma growth. No other action is required for your plant to continue thriving and growing—continue using Natural Alternative® products as instructed and enjoy your healthy plants!

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