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We did in fact use the ice melt today, and it worked much better than what we were using before.

Thomas B. - Columbia, MD

Thanks, Victoria—the only thing better than your products are the people behind them. You are the best!

Steve D.

Excellent products and customer service.

John M.

I recently moved into a townhouse community and my lawn was very thin and full of weeds. I wanted to go an organic route, and learned about Natural Alternative lawn and garden products through your website.  After overseeding my townhouse lawn this past fall, and once again in the spring, and fertilizing using your 15-0-4 Small Lawn Fertilizer each time, my lawn is now healthy, and thick, with great color.

Jessica S. - Harrisburg, PA

I have applied the winter step a week ago. Also want you to know that my lawn has looked fantastic all season long and has never looked better. With your help and products I can say without reservation that my lawn is the envy of my neighbors and friends. Thanks for all of your help.

Steve D. - Merrimack, NH

It worked great with minimal use.

Christopher K. - Reston, VA

I've used Protilizer on all of my indoor and outdoor plants, with great results! My hanging baskets had more blooms than ever this year, and I applied the product both when growing seeds with grow lights and when bringing plants in for the winter. Highly recommend this supplement for growth and better plant health.

Carey D. - Westernport, MD

I've used the all-purpose plant food every year in my gardens and my plants love it. And I love that it's an organic product!

Bryan K.

We transplanted our garden center rose stock using Protilizer®. They have never looked better.  

D. Schultz

 I must say, I thank you and your company for the fantastic products and recommendations you provided. In addition to the fertilizer, I’ve also used the pre-emergent product you sent back in April, done three applications of lime to address the acidic issue, and spot treated with spray for weeds such as dandelions and other broadleaf invaders.

Bob V. - NH

The folks at Natural Alternative are fantastic. Whenever I called or emailed, they answered promptly. I only got voicemail once and they called back within ten minutes. All emails were replied to speedily and they followed through on all replies. I would highly recommend them as their service is as great as their products.

Steve D. - Merrimack, NH

After using your fertilizer and with irrigation the lawn is healthier and maintaining it is much easier.

Steve D.

I started using Protilizer last summer and within a month I saw improvement. After a brutal winter, the roses were slow to rebound but when they did, they had a healthy look. New wood displayed great looking foliage and the flowers had better substance and richer colors. I believe Protilizer played an important role in my winning the Nicholson Perpetual Trophy at the spring 2015 ARS National Rose Convention.

Ken B. - American Rose Society National Exhibitor

I have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood, three years running. 

Bob V. - NH

The ice melt worked great!  We already put some down for the storm that missed us last week, and yesterday morning when I checked the area it was covered with sleet with the exception of the areas we treated with the ice melt.

Andrew L. - Washington, D.C.

I live where the soil is already high in phosphorus (the middle number) and it's hard to find any with none locally. I buy one of these each season and they are well worth the cost. My neighbors all say my yard is looking much better than under the prior homeowner.


Best fertilizer I have used.

J. Burnett - Lowell, MA

Nice! [I'm a] first time purchaser in Dec. 2017.

Gabrielle B. - Centerville, MA

Thank you for natural alternatives. I'm very pleased with the product. This will be my second year; it doesn't leave stains or on the driveway or on the stairs and is very safe for our animals. Thank you very much. 

Gabrielle B. - Centerville, MA