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January Lawn & Garden Checklist

Taking care of your lawn or garden is sometimes put aside during the winter months. While it may not seem like there’s anything to do, January is actually a great time to take advantage of these checklist items.


  • Fill empty garden spaces with garden accessories such as statues, lighting, or bird attractions.
  • Till an organic fertilizer with corn gluten into garden beds to add nutrients and reduce weeds in the spring.
  • Begin planning your garden for the spring. Search online for garden plans such as a mosquito repellent container garden plan.
  • Visit your local independent garden center for winter sales and great deals on out-of-season stock.
  • Till garden beds to kill any grub larvae.


  • Rake any leaves on your lawn before heavy snowfall comes down (if it hasn’t already).


  • Create an indoor herb garden with a simple basket.
  • Feed houseplants an organic plant food.
  • Re-pot houseplants that have outgrown their pots.

Flower & Bulbs

  • Begin ordering seeds online or finding them at your local independent garden center.
  • Start sowing seeds indoors.

Vegetable & Fruit

  • Begin planting early crops. This includes broccoli, spinach, onions, leeks, and cauliflower.

Maintenance & Other

  • Stock up on snow supplies for winter such as ice melt, propane, gas, and emergency food and water.
  • Perform any needed maintenance on lawn and garden tools. Replace any necessary tools.
  • Fill and rotate bird feeders to avoid mold.
  • Check down spouts to avoid clogging and subsequent freezing.
  • Perform a soil test if your soil isn’t frozen.
  • Wash exterior windows on your house while the bushes are pruned back.
Mosquito Repellent Container Garden
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