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How to Protect Pet Paws This Winter with Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

A Safer Ice Melt For Pets

As pet owners, we try to stay informed and protect our furry friends to the best of our abilities. Between veterinarian visits and flea and tick prevention, we do what we can to keep our pets happy and healthy. But did you know winter weather and snow removal can provide unique dangers to the health of your pet? When winter weather arrives, be prepared with snow and ice melters that won’t harm the four-legged members of your family.

Rock Salt: How Can It Be Harmful to Pets?

Traditional rock salt has long been considered a standard ice melt product. It appears to be a safe and economic solution, but is it really?  When evaluating ice melters, it’s important to consider the waste, cost and dangers associated with the use of rock salt.

When traditional rock salt is used to melt snow and ice, it works slowly, and begins to lose melting power at 24°F. Rock salt creates a salty brine that spreads over a given area and runs off into surrounding lawns, walkways and landscaping. A residue is left behind where rock salt is applied, which can degrade metal, concrete, masonry and stone. This salty brine then contaminates waterways and groundwater, harming aquatic life and other organisms.

Perhaps most dangerously, however, rock salt can heat up to temperatures as high as 175°F, even when it is below freezing outside. When pets are exposed to rock salt at these temperatures, damage can occur to paws, causing burns and irritation. When ingested, rock salt can lead to serious digestive problems, potentially prompting your pet to vomit and causing internal burns of the mouth and digestive tract. To make matters worse, rock salt is easily tracked into homes, leaving dangerous residue on flooring and bringing the product indoors, allowing further pet exposure. With all of the dangers and problems associated with traditional rock salt, it may be time to choose a safer alternative.

What’s the Pet-Friendly Alternative to Rock Salt?

Luckily, pet owners are not stuck using traditional rock salt products. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is a safer, sustainable alternative for pet owners looking for quick and easy removal of snow and ice.

Unlike traditional rock salt, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safer for both pets and wildlife by greatly reducing the potential for burns and digestive damage.

Ice Melt provides you with the peace of mind of an ice-free driveway, walkway and patio, all while using three times less product than traditional rock salt products. Ice Melt quickly begins to rid your property of dangerous ice patches, breaking down existing snow and ice while preventing new accumulation in temperatures as low as -16°F. Ice Melt is specifically produced as a safer alternative, with a special activator coating designed to jump-start the melting process.

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Another Greener, Pet-Friendly Melt: 100% CMA Ice Melt

Homeowners and property managers seeking premium, eco-friendly snow removal products should consider Natural Alternative® 100% CMA Ice Melt. Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) is a breakthrough in snow and ice management, with chloride-free, low-corrosive and environmentally friendly properties, providing easy removal of snow and ice to in temperatures as low as 15°F. Just like Natural Alternative® Ice Melt, 100% CMA is safer for pets and paws.

100% CMA is LEED-compliant, going beyond guidelines established by the U.S. Green Building Council Building Operations and Maintenance rating system and offers the safest option for high-value structures—it’s less corrosive than tap water. Avoid concrete damage with 100% CMA Ice Melt, as the product is safe to use (without pitting or spalling) 30 days after properly installed concrete.

Natural Alternative® 100% CMA breaks down snow and ice by making snow lighter and drier, improving traction and removal. Snow and ice turn into an oatmeal-like substance, facilitating easy removal without a brine. With a highly-visible colorant for easy application, 100% CMA Ice Melt makes it easy to weather winter storms in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Get Melting the Safer Way with Pet-Friendly Ice Melt

There’s no reason for pet owners to sacrifice safety in snowy conditions. It’s possible to clear your driveway and property while ensuring your pet can romp outside without harm. By recognizing the dangers posed by traditional rock salts and choosing safer alternatives, homeowners can have the peace of mind knowing their entire family is protected, leaving more time for playing fetch and eating snow!

Find the ice melter that’s right for your property and pets today, with Natural Alternative® products—the cooler way to a safer winter.

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