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Ice Melt Safer for Dogs, Concrete & the Environment

Ice Melt Infographic

Melting Ice With Less Hassle

Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is a non-toxic, biodegradable, pet-friendly and superior ice melting agent that is safer for the environment. Safer for pets and paws, Ice Melt provides you with the peace of mind of ice-free concrete, driveways, walkways and patios with three times the melting power of traditional salt products and none of the headache. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt instantly starts breaking down dangerous ice and snow patches, remaining effective to -16°F without damaging your lawn of hardscapes.

Pet & Lawn Approved

Use Ice Melt before a winter storm to make ice and snow cleanup a breeze, and keep some in your vehicle to always stay on the go, no matter the weather. Safer for concrete and lawns, runoff from our Ice Melt won't burn or brown grass or plants, and it won't hurt aquatic life. Traditional rock salt products can heat up to 175°F, causing severe damage to the paws of pets and wildlife, in addition to ingestion dangers. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt is produced as a safer alternative to traditional rock salt, with a special activator coating designed to jump-start the snow and ice melting process. It leaves no greasy residue and has a long shelf life.