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Keep Hanging Baskets Looking Beautiful

Hanging baskets can bring an area of your backyard or front porch to life. Whether you receive one as a gift, buy one pre-arranged at a local garden center, or make your own, it’s going to need extra care to retain its beauty during hotter summer months.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your hanging baskets looking great:

  1. First, decide where you’re going to hang the basket (in the sun or shade). Then, choose a plant for those conditions.
  2. Keep baskets watered. In the heat of the summer (July and August) it may be necessary to water twice a day. Try to water early in the morning and late in the evening. Avoid watering mid-day when possible.
  3. Don’t let your hanging baskets dry out completely between waterings because it will stress the plant. Stressed plants are targets for insects and diseases and you could see a reduction in blooms.
  4. Feed plants every 2 weeks with Protilizer® or Natural Alternative® Organic All-Purpose Plant Food 5-5-5. Some plants are veracious eaters and need a lot of nutrients. Million Bells and Petunias love to be fed weekly.
  5. Remove spent blooms as needed (deadheading). Time-saving gardening tip: Million Bells, Fushia, and Santa Cruz Sunset Begonias self-dead-head along with some petunia varieties. Ask your local gardener which self-dead-heading flowers they have in stock that will thrive in your area.
Flower baskets
Flower baskets