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Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

Stop the mosquito buzz with these tips.

If you're planning an outdoor event or activity this week make sure you don't overlook one important detail—bugs. More specifically, the most dangerous bug of all, the mosquito. Thousands of activities are ruined each year because of mosquitoes...but that doesn't have to be the case!

You can reduce the mosquito population in your backyard naturally and effectively with these 6 simple ways.

Remove Excess Vegetation

Most adult mosquitoes hide in dense vegetation during the day waiting for nightfall to feed on unsuspecting victims. Reduce any excess vegetation in your yard and thin out any dense bushes or trees.

Stock Ponds or Marshes

You will find the majority of mosquitoes around ponds or marshes. Luckily, there are ways to reduce this mosquito population:

  • Stock the pond with gambusia, a.k.a. the mosquito fish, or other mosquito eating fish.
  • Be sure your landscaping is frog-friendly. Frogs are stealth predators.
  • Decrease separated areas of water (such as sunken flower pots), shallow portions of water and floating/overhanging plants. These are all areas where mosquito larva hide from predators.

Reduce Standing Water

Mosquitoes can breed in small amounts of water in as little as five days. Take a walk through your yard and dump out or change any standing water. Typical mosquito-spawning rain collectors are gutters, flower pots, canoes, tires, toys, drainage pipes and bird baths.

Attract Mosquito Eating Animals

Attract birds, bats, or other mosquito eaters to your yard by building habitats for them. These animals won't drastically reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard on their own; they work best when used in combination with other preventative measures.

Plant Mosquito Repellent Plants

Planting citronella grass, basil, catnip or lavender will help mitigate mosquito populations. Most mosquito repellent plants give off an odor which the mosquitoes (and other insects) find offensive. Use this guide on mosquito repellent plants to find the proper mix of plants which fit your needs.

Watch What You Wear

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored clothing, so wear light colored clothes when possible. In addition, try to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants as often as possible to reduce the amount of exposed skin where a mosquito could bite.

Choose a Safer Mosquito Spray for Extra Control

Try Natural Alternative 100% Organic Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control for your yard, and 100% Organic Personal Mosquito Repellent.

If these tactics aren't enough to eradicate the mosquito population in your yard, it may be time to call in a local mosquito control company such as Mosquito Ranger®. For the latest seasonal tips and DIY know-how, sign up for our e-newsletter, The Monthly Dirtfollow our social channels or give us a call.