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Organic Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control

8 oz. hose-end bottle
Organic Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control w/Hose & Spray Unit
100% organic pest control
Say goodbye to nuisance pests.
Beat the buzz

Whether you’re being hounded by mosquitoes or picking fleas off of your pet, our 100% organic insect control can help you enjoy your outdoor space without the burden of pests or harmful chemical repellents. Our pest control is DEET-free, with a pleasant cedar fragrance. With two times more coverage than other brands, our 8 oz. hose-end control covers 10,000 square feet and will keep your lawn and patio nuisance insect free for hours.

Targets nuisance pests

Our pest control targets mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and gnats. Designed to be safer on lawns, shrubs, flower beds and gardens, our pest control won’t harm important pollinators like honeybees or butterflies, and won’t reduce earthworm activity. Natural Alternative®’s Mosquito, Tick & Flea Control is effective for both adult insects and larvae, helping reduce your future pest problems as well.

Product Information

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The easy-to-use sprayer makes application mess free and accurate.

Directions: Shake well. Attach to a garden hose. Turn the sprayer tab to mix. Treat until foliage or lawn is wet but not saturated. Spray high traffic areas for best results.

One bottle covers 10,000 square feet. Leftover product may be stored for another time. Re-apply every 3-4 weeks to interrupt the mosquito gestation cycle. Re-apply after rain. Do not apply when rain is expected within 12 hours.

For mosquito control, spray the underside of foliage, low hanging limbs, under deck structures and around patios. For flea and tick control, include mulched areas, beds, tall grasses and wooded areas where children and pets play.

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