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Rock, Paperwhites, Scissors

Paperwhites, river rocks and a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon. What could be easier?

Paperwhites are beautiful, fragrant white flowers with yellow centers that grow from bulbs. They are a member of the daffodil family, but unlike springtime daffodils, paperwhites are grown indoors from December through February, making them great Christmas and Valentine flowers.

Paperwhites are easy to grow, and the bulbs are inexpensive, making them terrific last minute gifts. They’re perfect for teachers and grandparents and planting them can be a simple, but fun project for a child to help with.

Simply fill a container with small river rocks, place the bulbs on top, add Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator to water and fill the container to the bottom of the bulb. Use just about any extra pot, container or spare jar in the cupboard. A beautiful tea cup makes the perfect presentation. Even a wine glass works! Say “I am thinking of you” by matching the container style with the recipient’s décor or interests. Cut and tie a ribbon around the container to finish off the gift.

Your local independent garden center will have paperwhite bulbs as early as late summer. Choose firm, hydrated bulbs with no signs of green shoots. Find river rocks along streams, creeks, or a craft store. Select stone sizes that work with your container. Allow six weeks for the bulbs to mature and flower.

It’s an easy choice® to give gifts from the heart, without breaking the bank. For the latest seasonal tips and DIY know-how, sign up for our e-newsletter, The Monthly Dirt, and follow our social channels.

Paperwhite in bloom
Bulb with roots