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Woes of a Wet Summer

While rain is necessary for the plants in our lawn and gardens to grow, too much of anything can also cause problems. Here are some things to consider if you are experiencing a wet summer and some possible solutions to these woes:

More Mowing and Weeding

Wet summers mean an increase in vegetative growth. Mowing and weeding may have to be done more often.

Mushrooms Everywhere

Mushroom-heads sprout more often during wet conditions. Break up mushrooms with a rake and throw them away so dogs and children can't touch or eat them.

Pollinators Take a Rain Day

Insects with delicate wings such as butterflies and bees do not fare well in rain because it damages their wings. Incorporate more cover from the rain in your garden to welcome these delicate pollinators.

Diseases Love Moist Conditions

Diseases thrive in wet, hot conditions. Expect to see brown patch in the lawn or tomato blight in the garden. To reduce the presence of diseases, increase air-flow by pruning overgrown vegetation and apply Protilizer to enrich lawn and garden soil with beneficial microbes to outpace the disease.

Mole Sightings Will Increase

Moles love eating worms! When the ground is moist, worms stay closer to the surface, making lawns and gardens an easier target for mole damage. To humanely get rid of moles, try using a biodegradable mole repellant every 45 days through late fall.

Mosquitoes Multiplying

Wet summers provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Here are some simple, all-natural ways to keep mosquitoes out of the yard.

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Red mushroom
Mosquito on hand