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Sulfur Soil Conditioner

Enriched with Protilizer®
25 lb. bag
Sulfur Enriched with Protilizer

Lush lawns start with healthy pH levels.

Increase soil acidity and reduce weeds with our sulfur soil conditioner for lawns.

Soil conditioner that fosters a healthy ecosystem

Natural Alternative® Sulfur Soil Conditioner enriched with Protilizer® lowers soil pH by increasing the acidity, reducing alkaline-loving turf weeds like dandelions for a more lush lawn. Our sulfur soil conditioner for lawns fosters earthworm activity and root development, allowing your lawn to accept fertilizer nutrients and water more effectively.

Sulfer soil conditioner supercharged with beneficial microbes

Natural Alternative® blends our sulfur soil conditioner with Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator, a 100% organic nutrient-rich plant supplement bursting with beneficial microbes to create a superior, lush lawnTogether with Protilizer®, our sulfur soil conditioner boosts  your lawn, promoting grass root growth as the correct pH balance is developed. Protilizer® helps fight attacks from harmful fungi and turf diseases, providing insurance for your yard.

Soil Test bag with soil and grass

How & Why You Should Test Your Soil

Learn the benefits of measuring nutrient concentrations in your turf soil.

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Product Information

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Refer to your soil test results for recommendations regarding pounds per 1,000 square feet, frequency of sulfur soil conditioner application and timing.

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Why should I use sulfur soil conditioner on my lawn?

Sulfur soil conditioner is used to adjust the pH of your lawn's soil, making it more acidic. Many types of grass prefer slightly acidic soil, with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. If your soil is too alkaline, sulfur can help create a more conducive environment for your lawn to grow.

How can I know if my lawn needs sulfur soil conditioner?

To determine whether your lawn needs sulfur soil conditioner, you need to test your soil's pH. If the pH is higher than 7, your soil is alkaline, and adding sulfur can help adjust it to a more ideal range for most grasses.

What forms does sulfur soil conditioner come in, and which one should I use?
Sulfur soil conditioner comes in both granular and liquid forms. The best one for your lawn depends on your specific needs and personal preferences. Regardless of the form, be sure to follow the application instructions on the product packaging.

How long does it take for sulfur soil conditioner to affect my soil's pH?

After applying sulfur, it may take a few weeks to see a significant change in your soil's pH. Therefore, it's recommended to retest your soil after several weeks to determine if the pH has reached the desired level.

How often should I apply sulfur soil conditioner to my lawn?

The frequency of application depends on your soil's current pH and its tendency to become alkaline. After the initial application and re-testing, you will have a better idea of how often you should apply the conditioner. Always remember that pH can change due to a variety of factors, so regular soil testing and maintenance are crucial.

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