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Fall Heirloom Vegetables

Start a vegetable garden to supplement your favorite recipes with home-grown ingredients.

Fall vegetables are hearty for the body and comfort food for the soul. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbages, cauliflower, kale and collards (referred to as cole crops), grow well in cooler fall temperatures and are perfect for family meals.

Consider planting heirloom varieties as opposed to hybrid vegetables. Heirlooms are beautiful, full of rustic flavors, rich in nutrition, and their seeds can be saved from year to year. Not to mention, heirlooms usually come with a nostalgic history or story – like the Mortgage Lifter Tomato.

Some of our Favorite Heirlooms

Bloomsdale Spinach, Albino Beets, Dragon Carrots, and Snowball Cauliflower withstand severe cold better than other cole crops, and can produce a harvest in 50-70 days. The band across the United States’ mid-section is ideal growing territory for these colorful beauties.

Purple Top Turnips, Summer Squash, Atlantic Broccoli, and Red Mini-Bell Peppers thrive in the southeast. They germinate and grow quickly.

Plant your fall garden now before it's too late. Give transplants a jumpstart with Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator to establish strong roots and push growth naturally.

If the weather is forecasting frost, cover the garden with a cotton sheet, burlap or a plastic tarp overnight and remove in the morning.

For additional help with growing your natural lawn and garden, visit our products section or feel free to contact us directly.

Fall Heirloom Vegetables