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How to use Ice Melt

Maximize the Melt On Concrete With These Easy Instructions On How to Apply Ice Melt

Want to get the best performance for your ice melt? Our experts provide some simple tips on how to get the most from your ice melt application.

How to Use Ice Melt to Prevent Ice

Apply a thin layer before the storm. Natural Alternative® Ice Melt can help you prepare your property for incoming inclement weather. When applied before a snow storm begins, Ice Melt prevents ice layers from building up directly on your surfaces. These base layers of ice are dangerous and can be difficult to remove manually. Use Ice Melt proactively on spaces where you will walk, drive, and park your vehicle.

How to Use Ice Melt

With three times more melting power than rock salt, Natural Alternative® Ice Melt protects your surfaces with less product required. Use our nine pound easy shaker jug to spread Ice Melt onto your driveway, patio, deck, hardscapes, pavers and walkways. More product is not necessarily better, and this product can be overapplied. Less of this product is required than traditional rock salt products, so your Ice Melt will last you longer throughout the season. One pound of Ice Melt provides coverage for 300 square feet of surfaces, giving you peace of mind to weather any winter storm. The visible colorant in Ice Melt makes it easy to see where you apply the product, so you don’t overapply.

Can You Use Ice Melt On Snow?

Yes, you can use Natural Alternative® Ice Melt to remove snow! Ice Melt will make it easier to remove snow from hard surfaces such as driveways and walkways. Apply ice melt in thin layers. Apply your ice melt once before the snow and then during the snow to be most effective.


Natural Alternative® Ice Melt works quickly and remains effective up to -16°F. It’s always best to apply Ice Melt prior to snowfall, but Ice Melt will instantly begin creating a brine upon contact with moisture, melting existing snow and ice. For intense winter storms, re-apply Ice Melt roughly halfway through the forecasted duration to make cleanup a breeze.

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