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Chase Mole Natural Repellent

6 lb. bag
Chase Mole Control

Mole repellent granules repel moles and gophers humanely

Natural ingredients make for effective control.

Eco-friendly repellent

Chase Mole Repellent is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and a humane way to remove moles from your lawn. It is easy to apply and will not harm or discolor your lawn, shrubs or plant. Chase Mole Repellent granules are made up of corn cob pellets coated with castor oil which irritates moles. When contacted by moles, the castor oil irritates the skin. When ingested, it causes digestive discomfort, encouraging moles to vacate the property.

Control critters

Apply Chase Natural Mole Repellent every 45 days starting early spring through late fall (approximately 4 times). This application rate is usually sufficient to protect your lawn, while controlling moles. This product will repel moles, gophers and other burrowing pests such as voles, ground squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs and even armadillos.

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Product Information

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1 lb / 1,000 sq. ft. (6,000 sq. ft. total coverage)

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