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Pelletized Garden Lime

Soil Conditioner
9.5 lb. jug
Lime enriched with Protilizer for Gardens (9.5 lb. Jug)

Give your garden what it's asking for

Adjust soil pH levels.

Find the right balance

Every garden needs an adjustment every now and then to stay in shape. Natural Alternative® Pelletized Garden Lime provides your garden with the supplies it needs to get back on track to a perfect pH balance. Our organic lime increases soil pH by lowering the acidity, releasing nutrients trapped in soil and allows plants and vegetables to efficiently absorb fertilizer.

Supercharged with beneficial microbes

Natural Alternative® Pelletized Garden Lime is enriched with Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator, our 100% organic garden supplement containing beneficial microbes. Protilizer® helps garden plants grow stronger roots for more efficient nutrient and water uptake. Get two products in one and allow your plants to thrive in an optimal environment with Natural Alternative® Pelletized Garden Lime.

Soil Test bag with soil and grass

How & Why You Should Test Your Soil

Learn the benefits of measuring nutrient concentrations in your turf soil.

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Product Information

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For Garden Beds: Mix 3-5 lbs. of Natural Alternative® Pelletized Lime for every 100 sq. ft. of garden. Application can be broadcast over the soil surface or mixed into the soil to a 1-2" depth.

For Individual Plants: If applying around individual plants, use approximated 3 tbsps/plant and sprinkle the product evenly around and under the drip line of the plants.

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