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Natural Alternative® Sulfur Enriched with Protilizer® (25 lbs.)

Natural Alternative® Sulfur Enriched with Protilizer® (25 lbs.)

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Correct Alkaline Soil Levels

Did you know up to 70% of your lawn food is wasted when your soil pH is too high, also known as alkaline soil? Some people refer to it as "sweet soil." Alkaline soil usually contains high levels of sodium, magnesium and calcium, and it is less soluble than neutral soil. The availability of nutrients is compromised, and turf becomes stunted.

Natural Alternative® Sulfur with Protilizer® is a technological breakthrough in lawn care. Exclusive to Natural Alternative®, our fast-acting sulfur is fortified with Protilizer® beneficial bacteria to treat both the soil and the grass plant. It's like getting two products in one. Lower pH level of alkaline soils; improve lawn health by releasing trapped nutrients; and establish a healthy root system for efficient uptake of nutrients and water.

  • Maintain ideal pH levels and reduce alkaline-loving weeds like chickweed, dandelions, goosefoot and Queen Anne's lace
  • Accelerate the decay of organic matter
  • Make more nutrients available to the plant
  • Enhance root development
  • Improve soil structure and increase earthworm activity
  • Reduce thatch where diseases and fungus spores grow

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Refer to your soil test results for recommendations regarding pounds per 1,000 square feet, frequency of application and timing.

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Can I apply sulfur and fertilizer at the same time?
Yes. You can put down lime and fertilizer at the same time.

Can I apply sulfur and grass seed at the same time?
Yes. For best results, do a soil test first to determine if you need to apply sulfur.

How do I know what my soil's pH level is?
A soil test is the easiest and most efficient method to determine your soil's pH. We recommend sending a soil sample to a certified lab for the most accurate results. You can purchase soil tests from Natural Alternative®, ask your county extension agent if they test soil, or work with your independent lawn and garden store.

What does pH stand for?
The term "pH" came from a Danish biochemist, Soren Peter Lauritz Sorensen, in 1909. It is an abbreviation for "power of hydrogen". pH is a scale that goes from 1 to 14 and is based on the hydrogen ion.

What is a "normal" pH?
For most soils, 7 is considered to be neutral and ideal for most of the nutrients to be available to the plant. Levels below 7 are considered to be acidic (sour) and require lime to raise the pH. Levels above 7 are considered to be alkaline (sweet) and require sulfur to lower the pH.

Why should I be concerned about my soil's pH?
Your soil's pH is important, because it influences the availability of many nutrients to the plant. If the pH is low, the plant cannot absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Roots won't fully develop; photosynthesis stalls; and plants will turn yellow and become susceptible to diseases and insect attacks. For your lawn or plants to fully take advantage of the fertilizer or plant food you apply, the pH must be balanced; otherwise, you are potentially throwing your money away.

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