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Soil Test Kit

Soil Test Kit

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Soil Test Kit

The first step to achieving a beautiful lawn.

Testing your soil is the first step in achieving a beautiful lawn. Our low-cost soil analysis helps you determine the proper nutrient program needed to maximize your turf. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to take your soil sample, a handy pouch to place the sample in for mailing, plus a self-addressed envelope for getting your results. Your soil sample will be tested by an independent laboratory, which will identify the make-up of your soil and several other important factors. We will then send you the results, along with our professional recommendations on how to improve the quality of your lawn. Just as a balanced diet keeps our bodies in shape, your lawn will also benefit from a proper nutrient program. Soil testing and proper lawn care will let you fully enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy lawn. SOIL PROBE NOT INCLUDED.

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