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March Lawn & Garden Checklist

What should I do to my garden in March?

Spring is almost here, is your garden ready? There is going to be a burst of growth near the end of March and in April; prepare for it now so you can keep up with Mother Nature. Run through this checklist of lawn and garden activities for March and your garden will be nice and ready for April showers and May flowers!

March Garden Checklist

  • Start crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants indoors under lights or in a well-lit south-facing window.
  • Begin growing annual flowers such as zinnias or marigolds indoors if you would like to start them from seed.
  • Start forcing daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth bulbs for Easter.
  • Re-pot houseplants which have outgrown their containers to something a bit larger. Take this opportunity to feed your houseplant with an organic fertilizer.
  • Prepare for and keep an eye out for pests, which will start to become active.
  • If you’ve been avoiding your compost pile, get out there to turn it and then attend to it as necessary; for example, it may need water or more green material.
  • Clean up any garden or lawn debris. If it is compostable, add it to your compost pile.
  • Prune any broken or damaged branches on your trees or shrubs according to proper pruning practices for your plant.
  • Plant burlap trees in a hole 50% wider than the root ball.
  • Divide summer and fall blooming perennials.
  • Fertilize trees, shrubs and roses when the soil temperature reaches 40°F.
  • Visit any local flower or garden shows to get ideas for a new garden.
  • Consider a Pollinator Garden this year to help bees and butterflies.
  • Edge around flower gardens, driveways and walkways with a hoe or a sod edger.

March Lawn Checklist

  • Apply an organic-based pre-emergent fertilizer to your lawn. This will give your lawn an early feeding of nutrients while also helping to prevent the growth of weeds in the spring.
  • Nearing the end of March, you may need to mow your lawn for the first time—especially in some of the warmer states.
  • Take a soil test before you begin applying any nutrients to your lawn or garden.

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