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Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator - 4 lb. Container

Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator - 4 lb. Container

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Beneficial soil microbe product for large gardens and professional growers. Expedite seed germination, grow strong roots and reduce plant loss

Covers 1.5 acres.

  • 100% organic (OMRI listed – Organic Materials Review Institute)
  • Use with seeds, seedlings, herbs, annual and perennial flowers, roses, vegetables, shrubs, trees, bulbs and even brown spots on the lawn
  • Reduces shock when planting and transplanting
  • Grows strong roots for efficient water and nutrient absorption
  • Speeds up germination and increases flowering
  • Replaces the need for fungicides
  • Outpaces soil pathogens and diseases
  • Protects plants against environmental stresses
  • Adds billions of beneficial bacteria to improve soil health

Product Details

Prepare stock tank by dissolving 1¼ -1½ lbs. in 10 gallons of water.

Set injector system at 1:100 (delivering 1% solution).

Apply at the rate of 10-30 gallons per 1,000 square feet of table space. (Rate may be adjusted based upon plant and planting media.)

Use higher concentrations when plants are under abiotic stress.

Use lower concentrations during the propagation phase.

  • 1st application: drench plug tray just prior to transplanting.
  • 2nd application: drench 2 weeks after transplanting.
  • 3rd application: drench 3-4 weeks after second application.

*If the growth cycle extends beyond 8 weeks, drench every 2-4 weeks depending upon the feeding needs of the plant.

For dry applications: Protilizer® can be dry mixed in the soil or potting soil. The standard rate is 1 lb of Protilizer per cubic yard of soil. The most important issue is to ensure the Protilizer® is evenly distributed throughout the soil.

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