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Pelletized Lime with Protilizer

Soil Conditioner
25 lb. bag
Pelletized Lime Enriched with Protilizer - 25 lbs.

Give your lawn what it's asking for.

Adjust soil pH levels

Find the right balance

Up to 70% of lawn fertilizer is wasted when soil pH is too acidic, leading to inefficient growth. To raise the pH of acidic lawns, Natural Alternative® offers Pelletized Lime Enriched with Protilizer®. Exclusive to Natural Alternative®, our fast-acting lime improves lawn health by releasing trapped nutrients in soil.

Supercharged with beneficial microbes

Our lime for lawns is blended with Protilizer® Seed & Plant Activator, an organic plant supplement rich with beneficial microbes that fight off disease and turf damage. Protilizer® helps roots grow strong for optimal water absorption, providing visibly healthier results as you raise the pH of your lawn’s soil.

Product Information

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Refer to your soil test results for recommendations regarding pounds per 1,000 square feet, frequency of application and timing.

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