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Bulb Bundle

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Plant & Feed Fall Bulbs for Beautiful Spring Flowers!

Protilizer Seed & Plant Activator

Diseases prevent bulbs from taking root, absorbing nutrients and growing into healthy, flowering plants.

Treat bulbs with Protilizer when planting. The beneficial microbes, mycorrhizae fungi, organic acids and kelp will outpace disease pathogens and help the bulb establish a strong root system for winter feeding. One gallon of Protilizer treats 64 bulbs.

5-5-5 Organic All-Purpose Plant Food

Bulbs love to be fed, and they need phosphorus to push green foliage and colorful flowers you expect in spring.

Feed bulbs when planting them in the fall and then again in early spring as they are breaking through the soil. The bulb will absorb the phosphorus to produce flowers the first season.

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Mix one scoop of Protilizer with one gallon of water. Fill the prepared hole where the bulb is to be placed with the Protilizer solution. Allow the solution to seep into the soil. Place the bulb in the hole pointy side up.

Next, add one scoop of the Natural Alternative 5-5-5 Organic All-Purpose Plant Food to the soil surrounding the bulb. Mix the plant food into the soil using a trowel and backfill the hole.

In spring, as the foliage from the bulb begins to break through the soil, apply one scoop of 5-5-5 per bulb.

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