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Summer Lawn Fertilizer 10-0-0

Application 3
20 lb. box (3,000 sq. ft.)
Summer Fertilizer 10-0-0 (Application 3)

Summer Fertilizer that works with nature, not against it!

Fortified with Protilizer® for supercharged results.

The proper summer fertilizer to feed lawns

Summer heat will stress all turf lawns. To help revive your lawn and retain even, hardy coverage, feed your lawn with Natural Alternative® Summer Fertilizer 10-0-0 (Application 3 of the five-part Natural Alternative® Lawn Care System). Our summer fertilizer is carefully balanced for a slow release of nutrients and won’t burn your lawn, even in summer conditions. Best applied in July, our summer lawn fertilizer, is fortified with Protilizer®, a seed & plant activator exclusive to Natural Alternative® which strengthens roots and aids in nutrient and water uptake.

Naturally sustainable summer lawn fertilizer

Grow the lawn you’ve always wanted without worrying about harming the environment. Try our 100% organic-based Summer Lawn Fertilizer.

Product Information

infoApplication Instructions arrow_drop_down_circle

For Established Lawns: Apply in summer at a rate of 6.5 lbs. of product per 1,000 square feet. Apply evenly with a calibrated spreader. 6.5 lbs. of this product per 1,000 square feet is equivalent to 0.67 lbs. of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet.

For Newly Seeded Lawns: This product is not recommended for use with new seedings. Corn gluten acts as a pre-emergent control and suppresses seed germination.

For Weed Control: As a pre-emergent weed control, apply 20 lbs. of this product per 1,000 square feet.

Download our spreader settings sheet to find proper settings for your spreader.

helpFrequently Asked Questions arrow_drop_down_circle

What makes the Summer Lawn Fertilizer different from other fertilizers?

The Summer Lawn Fertilizer is different from other fertilizers because of its slow-release formula, which gradually feeds your lawn with essential nutrients as the heat intensifies. It also has a "Will Not Burn" guarantee, ensuring that it is gentle on your lawn and won't cause unsightly scorched patches.

What is the best time to apply the Summer Lawn Fertilizer?

To maximize the impact of the Summer Lawn Fertilizer, we recommend applying it around the 4th of July. This timing allows your grass to absorb the nutrients just as the weather gets hotter, ensuring optimal results.

What are the benefits of using organic-based ingredients in the Summer Lawn Fertilizer?

Using organic-based ingredients in the Summer Lawn Fertilizer not only nourishes your lawn but also contributes to a sustainable environment. It ensures that you're making a responsible choice for both your lawn and the planet.

How does the Summer Lawn Fertilizer help maintain a healthy lawn during the summer months?

The Summer Lawn Fertilizer's slow-release formula provides a steady supply of nourishment to your lawn, ensuring that it stays strong and resilient. It helps your lawn maintain its stunning green hue and luxurious texture throughout the season.

How easy is it to use the Summer Lawn Fertilizer?

The Summer Lawn Fertilizer is easy to use. Simply follow the easy-to-use instructions on the package, and watch as your lawn transforms into an outdoor oasis.

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