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grubGONE!® Grub Control

Organic Grub Treatment
40 lb. bag

Target the pest, not the rest!®

It's time for safe & effective grub control.

Targets all grubs organically

Control grubs organically with our all-natural grub control formula. grubGONE!® is a granular, bio-insecticide formulated to control turf grubs without side effects and without damage to beneficial insects and pollinators. Use grubGONE!® grub control on your entire landscape, including turf and ornamentals, to protect your property from destructive beetles like Japanese, Asiatic, June and Oriental Beetles in addition to European, Cupreous, Southern and Northern Masked Chafers. For existing adult beetles, use beetleGONE!® to control populations without chemical side effects. Organic grubGONE!® is pet and environmentally friendly, and is friendly to bees and other pollinators.

Seasonal grub control

grubGONE!® natural grub control is effective on the first to third stages of beetle development (egg, larvae and pupa), grubGone!® can be used both preventatively prior to grub emergence or curatively for an active population. grubGone!® is most effective when applied from April until the end of June, and then again from the end of August until the beginning of October.
grubGone!® is OMRI Listed   

Small beetle grub

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Product Information

infoApplication Instructions arrow_drop_down_circle

  • Apply 2.3 to 4.6 lbs. (37 to 55 oz.) of grubGONE! grub control per 1,000 square feet of turf grass or ornamental plants (equivalent to 100 to 150 lbs. of grubGONE! per acre).
  • Sites of Application: Phyllom grubGONE! can be used for grub control applications to landscape and recreational turf grasses found in, on and/or adjacent to golf courses (e.g., greens, tees, collars, roughs, and fairways), residential lawns, commercial grounds (e.g., office and shopping complexes and airports), parks, schools, playgrounds, athletic fields, day care facilities, pet care facilities, cemeteries, sod farms, and other turf grass-covered areas.
  • grubGONE! grub control is not phytotoxic (not poisonous to plants) and can be used on all turf grass and ornamental plant species.
Spreader Type Speed 37 oz (2.3 lb)
per 1,000 sq ft
55 oz (3.4 lb)
per 1,000 sq ft
Swath Pattern / Cone
Agrifab Rotary 3 mph 4 4.5 ? n/a
Anderson's Rotary Model 2000 SR 3 mph K L 11 8
Anderson's Model 2000 Rotary Spreader 3 mph K L 11 6
Anderson's SSD Drop Spreader 3 mph 4 4.75 n/a n/a
Earthway Ev-N-Spred Rotary Model 2170 3 mph 12 14 8 n/a
Gandy Drop 3 mph 19 21 n/a n/a
LESCO Rotary 020093 3 mph E F 7 Open Full
LESCO Rotary 705698 3 mph 12 14 7 Open Full
Prizelawn BF1 Pull behind rotary model 3 mph H I 10 n/a
Prizelawn Rotary Model CBR-III 3 mph H I 8 n/a
Scotts Precision Green drop 3 mph 4 4.75 n/a n/a
Scotts R-8A 3 mph J K 11 6
Spyker Rotary Model 46-22 3 mph 3.6 3.9 ? n/a
Vicon (03) Series 4.5 mph 19 23 30 -
Lely Models WTR, WFR, HR, 1250 (PTA at 450 rpm) 4.5 mph 4.5 5.25 34 III-C
Scotts® Recommended Spreaders Setting Width of Coverage
Scotts® Rotary Spreaders (EdgeGuard® DLX, EdgeGuard® Mini 3 5'
Scotts® Elite Spreader 3-3/4 6'
Scotts® Hand-Held Spreaders (manual models) 3 n/a
Scotts® Wizz® Year-Round Spreader (battery-powered) 3-1/2 5'

Please note: These are estimates only. Actual spreader application rate may vary due to spreader wear, operator use and other environmental factors and variables present during application.

helpFrequently Asked Questions arrow_drop_down_circle

What is grubGONE!® and how does it control grubs?

grubGONE!® is an all-natural, granular bio-insecticide designed to control turf grubs without harming beneficial insects and pollinators. It works by targeting the first to third stages of beetle development (egg, larvae, and pupa), preventing them from reaching maturity.

Which types of beetles does grubGONE!® control?

grubGONE!® is effective in controlling a range of destructive beetle species, including Japanese, Asiatic, June, Oriental Beetles, European, Cupreous, Southern, and Northern Masked Chafers.

When is the best time to apply grubGONE!®?

The most effective time to apply grubGONE!® is from April until the end of June and again from the end of August until the beginning of October. It can be used preventatively or curatively depending on the presence of an active population.

Is grubGONE!® safe for pets and the environment?

Yes, grubGONE!® is an all-natural, organic grub control solution that is pet and environmentally friendly. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is safe to use around bees and other pollinators.

Is grubGONE!® certified by OMRI?

Yes, grubGONE!® is OMRI certified, meaning that it is approved for use in organic farming and meets the standards set by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

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