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Natural Alternative® 100% CMA Ice Melt 6lb. Shaker Jug

Natural Alternative® 100% CMA Ice Melt 6lb. Shaker Jug

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Product Description

Why Should You Choose Natural Alternative® 100% CMA Ice Melt?

The Benefits of our CMA Ice Melt:

  • Chloride-free – eliminates chloride corrosion of metals
  • Less corrosive than tap water – easy on watersheds, lakes, rivers and streams
  • Melts snow and ice to 15°F
  • Highly visible colorant – aids applicator in low-visibility conditions
  • No pitting or spalling – safe to use on properly installed concrete 30 days after installation
  • Leed Compliant – exceeds the U.S. Green Building council Leed credit guidelines
  • Natural Alternative® 100% CMA Ice Melt is produced exclusively in the United States – never offshore
  • CMA keeps the snow lighter and drier, thus improving traction and removal. This will turn the snow and ice into an "oatmeal-like" substance, making it easier for removal. CMA does not create a brine like traditional ice melters.

Product Details

For best results, apply before or at the beginning of a storm to prevent snow/ice bonding. Allow time for the product to penetrate and loosen the snow/ice before removal. Re-apply when new accumulation shows first tendency to bond.

  • Application rates vary according to climate and maintenance practices.
  • Safe to use on properly installed concrete 30 days after installation.
  • Apply 6 lbs. per 1000 square feet.
  • Apply in accordance with label recommendations.
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Can I use this on colored stamped concrete?
Yes. As long as the concrete has been properly poured and cured per Portland Cement Guidelines as listed on our packaging.

Is Natural Alternative Ice Melt safe for flagstone?
Yes it is. The key is that you want to establish a brine that melts to low temperatures and resist refreezing.

Is your CMA safe to use on wooden decks?
Yes. The Natural Alternative CMA is safe for use on wooden decks.

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